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NOTE: As our Pandesal are freshly baked daily, we only have a limited number of stocks available.


Weight: 12pcs x 30g each (approx)

Manufacturer: Homemade by Kusina Cravings

Bite into the slightly toasted top and into the soft and light insides of these pandesal and you will see why it is the most loved bread in the Philippines.

Pandesal can be eaten plain or with filling. It is best to have it while freshly hot from the oven. Common fillings or palaman for pandesal are: Cheese pimiento, CheezWhiz, a slice of cheese, coco jam, butter, and liver spread.

In the Philippines, most bake shops and bakeries sell Pandesal. Sometimes, this is sold in rolling stores (usually a honking bicycle with a big box on the back). When purchasing from a neighborhood bakery, be sure to be there before 8 in the morning because the supply runs out after that time.

Order now and just do a quick toast in the oven and you're good to go!